Approximately 45% of Tanzanians earn about $1.25 a day and most don't have health insurance. Half of the country's population relies on what their fields produce that season. This means that when there is a serious medical condition, more often than not, it goes untreated.

Healthcare is very inexpensive in Tanzania. It costs only $1.40 for a doctor's visit - less than what most of us pay for a cup of coffee. But, for them it's more than their average daily wage.

This project was born out of first-hand experiences of a volunteer who traveled to Tanzania in October 2017. She saw the countless people with treatable conditions that couldn't afford care. Many continue to come to us for help when there is no other place to turn. How can we turn them away?

We can only continue to help provide much needed medical care with the generosity of our donors.

100% OF YOUR TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION directly benefits the sick and the poor.