Why we do what we do...

In January 2010, 18 volunteers went on a two-week medical mission trip to Tanzania. We traveled to several villages setting up mobile clinics treating over 850 patients. Most of the patients had never seen a doctor and almost all of them suffered from intestinal worms, a water-borne illness. Many of them suffered from malaria, hypertension, neck and back pain.

As we drove from village to village we began to see a frequent scenario - women and children walking far from home to fetch water from unsafe sources. Women were taking time from the fields and their families and children were not attending school. The remote locations were putting women and children at risks of assault, injury and human trafficking.

What made the biggest impression on us was a little girl filling an old plastic water bottle with muddy rain water. She drank it with great satisfaction as it quenched her thirst. Needless to say, we were stunned and very concerned.

When our medical mission was in its last days, a few of us met with Metropolitan Jeronymos of Mwanza and asked him, "What is the greatest need in Tanzania?" He answered simply, "Water." That day we made a promise - to raise funds to buy drilling equipment and begin developing wells.

That is how it began. We raised enough money to purchase a rig and teamed with Mission IsPossible to purchase a rig. Three months after the rig arrived in Tanzania the first well was developed. We currently have a team of six local drillers and installers that drill year-round throughout northwestern Tanzania.

From our time in Tanzania and love for its people other projects emerged: a WaSH program was developed and implemented in 2016 as a compliment to providing safe water; offering financial support to Ufufuo Health Center which serves an area where there is only one doctor for every 124,000 persons and one dentist for every 720,000; medical expenses for live-saving treatments that otherwise would have not been possible; tuition for children whose families can't afford school fees thus leaving children with no option but to forgo an education; computers to teach secondary school students skills that will help them in college or university or to obtain an office job; sewing machines and raising of chickens for eggs that provide a means of income for families.

These are not one-time gifts. All our projects either give people a start in life or much needed help that they couldn't find anywhere else.

We believe in our projects and we love our work. We have donated our time, talent and treasure for the people of Tanzania since our first trip in 2010. We encourage you to do the same - either with your tax-deductible donation or with your time or talent. We are looking for grant writers and also those who believe in our efforts who are willing to help us raise funds.

Mission Tanzania partners with Mission IsPossible in all efforts.